Uroflow Test

What is a uroflow test?

The uroflow is a study to determine the flow rate of your urine during voiding. The test is sometime done to look for the cause of incomplete bladder emptying, slow stream, burning with urination, bladder pain, or other symptoms.

How do I do a uroflow test?

In order for the test to be accurate it is important that you have a normal urge to urinate at the time of the test. If you do not feel the urge to go, but try to force out a small amount of urine, the test will not be accurate. You should come to the office with a full bladder, or come early and drink water when you arrive until your bladder is full. Do not urinate before the procedure. You will be asked upon arrival to void into a special toilet that measures the force of the urinary stream. You should try to make the uroflow test as similar as possible to a normal urination. Usually we check the bladder with anu ltrasound immediately after the uroflow test to see how much urine is left behind in the bladder after urination (called the post-void residual or PVR).

Posssible Risks of Uroflow Test

There are no risks with this procedure.

Preparation for Uroflow Test